Dress Code for Gala

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Dress Code for Gala

Many of you asked what dress code is for our 20th Anniversary Gala. The dress code is Black Tie! To clarify it in American Sign Language, please watch this vlog of Leeann and Vita.

[Image description: Asian women, Leeann and Vita are sitting with round table between them. A big red book is on the table. Behind them is a wooden wall. Leeann is wearing black top with black blazer. Vita is wearing blue/green top with black jacket along with a purse strap in pattern of black and white.]

Video Transcript:

Leeann and Vita are scrolling on their phones then Vita tapped on Leeann’s shoulder.

Vita: You know the gala SCADA is hosting on June 22nd? Do you know what to wear?

Leeann: Gala is a fancy event. It has dress code.

Vita: What’s the dress code for men?

Leeann: They can wear suits, bowties, and ties. Nice hair too.

Vita: What about us? For women?

Leeann: Of course, women should dress up! Hair and makeup too!

Vita: What about those who want to dress up in their cultural attire?

Leeann: Yes, they can! Singapore, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, and more. They can dress up in their cultural attires.

Vita: All are welcome?

Leeann: Yes! They deserve to be recognized.

Vita: Can’t wait to dress up and dance all night!

[Image Description: Vita is wearing a strapless black dress with different shades of pink flowers on it. She is wearing black high heels. Leeann is wearing a long dress in the shade of cream and black high heels. Her dress has a slit. They are outside and standing on the concrete. On the other side, you can see grass and more stores behind them.]

Vita: How do I look?

Leeann: You look beautiful!

Vita: Is it appriioate for SCADA’s gala? With dancing?

Leeann: Yes!

Vita: Is that your cultural dress? You look beautiful!

Leeann: Thank you very much!

Vita: Acceptable!


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