SCADA’s Gala Presenters

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SCADA’s Gala Presenters

To find out who will be presenting at SCADA’s 20th Anniversary Gala, watch this vlog.


[Image description: Ida is wearing black top and black glasses. Her short hair has purple and red highlights. The background is light gray.]

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Ida. I’m involved with SCADA, Southern California Asian Deaf Association. I want to inform you about the presenters. For what? SCADA’s 20th Anniversary Gala! Presenters will be focusing on each theme. Themes are Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Embrace the Future. For Honor the Past, their names are LisaAnn Tom, Ginny Nyholm, and Sin-Yi Ko.

(Clip showing the dance floor and big light on the ceiling. Ida is standing in front of white wall.)

Presenters for our present theme are our current President and vice president, Mingchen Yang and Sharon Gough. For future, the presenters will be new president and vice president. Come and find out who!

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